External suppliers

In the scope of ISO 9001 of the GRFH Quality Management System, all goods are checked upon receipt, at a qualitative and quantitative level.

The result of this inspection is reflected in the annual performance assessment of our External Suppliers. The same assessment is also carried out on External Service Providers, differing only in the criteria evaluated.


The criteria are as follows:


External Suppliers – GOODS


• Response time to our requests;

• Rigor in preparing proposals and providing information;

• Quantity Compliance;

• The delivered items correspond to what was ordered;

• Packaging integrity and conditions

• Compliance with delivery deadline

• Competence in resolving requests/complaints



External Suppliers – SERVICES


• Compliance with the proposal/contract;

• Service provided efficiently;

• Service provided within the agreed time;

• Easily contacted.


The classification of our External Suppliers may have an influence on their selection in purchasing processes.