Our Policy

The Management of GRFH aware of an increasingly strong competitiveness, alied to a fast technological evolution and ever-increasing market demands, has chosen to promote certain actions to overcome the needs and expectations of its customers, leading to the fulfillment of the requirements and the continuous improvement of the Quality Management System, according to the norm NP EN ISO 9001.

This way, we highlight some of the fundamental principles that constitute our Quality policy:

     •  Permanent Satisfaction of Clients and other interested parties, satisfying their needs and expectations in complying with legal and regulatory requirements;
     •  Assure with our business partners, relationships of mutual benefit to provide a joint growth;
     •  To promote with each employee, the responsibility for doing well, with quality, and providing adequate conditions for the performance of their duties;
     •  Encourage the development of activities that allow the concretization of the quality policy and continuously improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System, always searching for new solutions that strengthen the company both at an organizational and personal level, including training, internal audits, corrective actions and other improvements to accomplish our strategic objectives.

This Quality Policy is properly disclosed to all interested parties and should be taken into consideration by all employees of the organization.

The Management


In the scope of ISO 9001 – Quality Management System, all goods are checked at the reception, both qualitatively and quantitatively. The result of this inspection is reflected in the annual evaluation of the performance of our External Suppliers.
The same evaluation is also made to External suppliers of services differing only in the evaluated criteria.
The classification of our External Suppliers may influence their selection in purchasing processes.